1. Family

From the recording Traverse the Abyss EP

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The blood in our veins
Is clear enough to see
For it's you all listening
You set fire to our souls
And pour gasoline
These flames are consuming
A heart will stop without blood to beat
We live through you

We are here to bring a light to the darkness that haunts us
But it won't ever stop us
Fuck what they say we will fight another day to show
The power that we hold

We won't break, as long as blood runs in these veins
We won't take, another fucking word you say
We won't wait, conquer all in our way

You fuel this machine, push us towards our dreams
Together we will make memories
Don't know where we would be without the fans
Our family
Without you

Without you we are nothing
But you make us feel like we're something
Now we are a family and that's one thing
I'll take to the grave if nothing else trust me
Fuck you to the people who dissed us
They're in the front row won't miss us
You're with or against us

From the front to the back move if you feel this
From the left to the right jump if you feel this

Woah explode like a bomb we'll blow
Lit the fuse and now they'll know
Woah it's so funny how life goes
Start this war but we will end it