1. Inner Demons

From the recording Traverse the Abyss EP

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Here I lay
Defeated and alone
The voices in my head are my own
They whisper to me sacred lies
Enough to make you believe
That this should be the end of me
My victim my casualty
On the outside I seem fine
Because it is all in my mind

Why am I this way?
Does it ever fucking go away?
Well I'm about to fucking break
And take this life away

I suffocate
Skins crawling from the voices as they replay
Hear them every fucking day it makes me sick
I'm done

How does it feel?
When the voices inside your head
Want you dead
They make you hate all you love and question
If you're ready to die
For me it's too late as I kick out the chair and say goodbye
I suffocate on my last words