1. 21 or Bust

From the recording The Gamble of Life

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I can't believe that time moves so fast
Look at how these 4 years have past
In a blink of an eye it goes and what's next no one knows
So embrace your future and the past
For you don't know how long it will last
Stop pretending you will live forever
When death is the only promise kept

So what's this thing called life?
And when will I die?
As time moves so fast
I don't know how long I will last
At least until that day I'll fight
With my friends by my side
Won't deny our claim
When we put this world to shame

What's the point of life
When we are born to die

My mind is always racing on this topic
And I don't fucking know how to stop it
Does anyone else feel me on this?
Living life with the thought that we don't exist

What's the point of life
When we are born to die

To whom do I ask these questions
When god don't fucking answer
I just want to know what's the meaning of life

21 or Bust