1. Snake Eyes

From the recording The Gamble of Life

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Rolling snake eyes

Where will you be when your time is over?
Where will you be when the reaper roll snake eyes?
You beg and plead for forgiveness
Knowing that it will all come to an end

There comes a point in everyone's life
When are going to die
It is inevitable for it's the cycle of life
Born in, death out it goes
Yet unpredictable
And you know it's time
When the reaper rolls snake eyes

This is how it goes
The ending is unknown
When you play in the gamble of life
The time and place aren't set in stone
But you know that it will come to an end
One day my friend we die alone
So make the most while you can
When the reaper rolls snake eyes
Then it is time to fucking die

Oh life is beautiful they say
Yet we all dream to take it all away
Drink your poison the wine filled in your cup
Some will even stick a fucking needle in their arm
Until their eyes close shut

I am not afraid to die
I just want to know
The fucking place and time
This is what happens when you gamble with life
In the end we all fucking die

Rolling snake eyes