1. Diamonds

From the recording The Gamble of Life

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Now you'll see when you hope and believe
Strive to achieve and you'll succeed
So take my hand and follow me
And watch dreams become reality

Because this is who I am

And there'es nothing you can say
That can take that away
And by the way that it seems
You're either with or against me

I'm sick of people talking
I hear them in my ear
Their voices are jumbled yet so very clear
Their mouths are like faucets spewing shit and hate
Running a mile a minute and never going late
So fuck what they say I'm not going away
So bet your ass you'll see me another day

Because now is my time
My time to shine
Just you watch you'll see
There's nothing that can stop me

Fuck your disrespect

Oh it's funny now I see
The people who support me
Look over my shoulder and see
The people that matter to me
Now I know I'm not alone
To face this world beyond home
Even though the voices tell me
There's no one there but me

Get out of my head
Why don't you shut the fuck up

Pick it up, go!

Believe in yourself when others don't
Do what you love it's what matters the most
Trust me they'll hate but that's how it goes
Never deny that feeling in your bones

Nothing can stop me now
Diamonds in the rough