1. Joker

From the recording The Gamble of Life

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Ha ha ha ha
I'm acting like a fool
Ha ha ha
Because the jokes on you

I am not your pawn
It's checkmate and time to retaliate
You think your king but just a fucking joker
Now you lost game over

Where's your fucking crown now?

You made your bed now sleep in it
For every action there is consequence

Boy you fucked up when you messed with me
You created your worst enemy
No longer king I dethroned ya
And the world I'm taking over

What's it like looking up at me
With your nose buried in the dirt?
It's pretty fucking embarrassing how your life has turned
Don't you remember when you used me
Lift me up just to bring me down
It crushed me mentally abused
Oh how karma comes around
'Round and round

You reap what you sew
Don't come crying to me

To be honest I think you should go fuck yourself
HA HA Joker