1. Bullets

From the recording The Gamble of Life

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Let the bullets spray

Vengeance will be mine

This is the time where I call you out
Just because I know who you are
All your twisted lies will subside
For this is when I'll put you in your grave

Smack me on the cheek and I'll strike you on the other
I'll show you true fear like no other
Put the barrel to your mouth so meet your mother
This is where I'll end your life

I am the death dealer
I will seal your fate

Cry to your god as I stand above you
Can the divine protect you from the wicked
When your life is past due

I will show you hate
I will make you eat your words
I will show you why I'm sinister

What ya gonna do when ya got nowhere to run to?
In plain sight no where to hide
Scared little bitch when I come and confront you
This is where I'll end your life

I will fucking embarrass you
There will be no words
I will fucking embarrass you