1. Gamble of Life

From the recording The Gamble of Life

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It's a mystery where we came from
Everybody has a thought on how it began
Creation or evolution is there only one?
Time to make a stand for the gamble has begun

The odds aren't in my favor
But I will not accept defeat
Even if the world stands against me
I will make my mark in history

You're given one life
One chance to live your dreams
And pursue them to the fullest extent

Keep in mind everyday is a risk
A gamble of life or so they say
Keep your head high when times are dark
Spark the candle and light your own way

I will not sub come to the odds
For I'm the voice for the lost to be found
I won't back down
There are people who depend on me
To guide them through the dark times in life

All bets are in

Fight for what you want
And I will be your guide
Use me as an example

For I used to be
A lost lonely soul
Broken, scared, damaged beyond all repair
And then I realized I'm better than this
It's all in your head

Can not fail
Will not fail
My mind is set and I placed my bet into the wishing well
I'm just a person with a goal at hand
I plan to achieve it however I can
I told my grandmother on her deathbed
I'll travel the world until my end
Venture off into the unknown
To find a place to call my home
I appreciated everyone who stood by my side
Along the endless, horrid grind
With prize in your eyes you will realize
To fulfill your dreams it takes some tries
Never give up, surrender the odds
Take life by chance your destiny is yours

Full speed ahead!

Life is just a gamble they say you won't win
One day we will die but not without my mark etched in stone

Place your bet, take your chance
In the gamble of life