1. Only Human

From the recording Only Human

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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Novro Studios


Do you remember when we were kids? and life felt so innocent and pure oh it feels like a dream, hold on for the years are flying right before my own eyes, day by day the days we've known are gone , but the memory remains in our hearts is where they cultivate. Do you remember?! The times shared and the memories made? or did they all fade away form your mind like smoke? In a plume of smoke stinging my old eyes, brings me down seeing how our lives played out with my friends now in their graves and I wonder what, what if that was me? Would you care would you even care? I am only human my emotions get the best of me
So now that the days go on we'll say it every goddamn day cherish the ones you love and make memories. It's fucked when you realize that everyone you love could be gone just the very next day. So hold them dear and celebrate the cheer before you realize that it is time to say goodbye, cuz I don't wanna just dwelling on the "what ifs" when it's time for me to lose somebody else, put our petty differences aside our love and connection is pure human wealth.